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The Waitress
Welcome to your new job as a waitress in a busy restaurant, in this addictive, role playing restaura…

Sound Machine
Make funny sound effects and amuse your friends!

Pingu Orca Slap
Hit the space bar. Watch the penguin jump into the water get picked up by Orca's tail, and weeeh. Hi…

Bill Cosby Fun Game
Lure people towards you by offering them pudding ("Z" KEY) and use your Kodak camera to kn…

Strange Living Room
This time your waking up in a strange hall,Your aim is to find different objects that will help leav…

Frog Batting
There are 20 frogs lined up in a row, that will jump at you one at a time. Hit SPACEBAR to swing. Hi…

The Bar
ou are bartender on some disco and you have to server drinks to the people in your bar. Take empty g…

Speed Drill
Try to get as close to the earth's core as possible. In the superior part of the game there is a gra…

Pingu Throw
Who says penguins can't fly? Help Yeti throw Pingu the penguin into the record books. Hit space to r…

Pingu Seal Bounce
Catapult, dash and throw the penguin. This time Yeti wants to throw the penguin as high as possible.…

Bloody Pingu
Hit the pingu as far as you can. Land mines are also on the field for a longer distances. Click once…

Poom Game
Use YOUR MOUSE to move the pad and get the ball to land on the right pieces to score or to bounce yo…

Splat Em
Splat celebrities with the weapon of your choice.

Dodge Ball
You are kid playing dodgeball in this game. You job is to dodge the flying red and gray balls for 5 …

Mind Reading Chicken
Smart chicken will guess the number that you are using.

Guide the chicken across roads and rivers for worms.

Bush Aerobics
Work Bush into a hot sweat as you control his exercise moves!

Crazy Monkeys
Play with monkeys to smash coconuts for points.

United We Dance
Britney Spears and George Bush hit the dance floor!

Milk Panic
Cows in the farm are producing instant milk. Milk them before it's too late!

Life Buoys
Catch the jumping passengers into life buoys and take them to shore.

Monster Munch
Help the little monster to eat as many snow flakes as possible.

Propel penguins into the air to knock down blocks.

Beaver Dive
Collect pearls avoid the nasty fish and don't forget to take a breath now and then.

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