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Click on three or more balls of the same color remove as many as possible before time runs out. Use …

Crazy Maze
Use your mouse to guide the ball through the deadly obstacles without touching the walls.

Who Stole My Medicine
Find the thief who hijacked your medicine. Click on the thief before time runs out.

Jack Russell
Get your dog home. Draw a path to guide your dog to his food dish.

Piano Pooch
Play the piano like a dog. Play the notes that the dog plays.

Connect three rings to remove them. Remove all to win.

Match up three or more crystals together by rotating them around a circular board.

Use your ladybug to push the yellow dots around and move them into the holes.

Memory exercises thanks to this game. Within the ball will appear images that you must repeat withou…

Find your way out of the maze. Gather the keys and the hammers to break through the walls.

You have to put the balls in the matching coloured hole. Its not easy as it sounds, this game has 22…

Pepsi Hand Ball
Handball is a Game in Flash, your aim is to eliminate the colored balls in the square, to do this yo…

Gem Mine
In Gem Mine you click on clusters of 3 or more gems to collect them into your rail cart and use bomb…

Eliminate all objects on the screen by clicking on them. keep in mind you can only eliminate two or …

Dr. Stanleys House
Dr. Stanley's House was created by James Li and is a point-and-click adventure game. It has a myster…

Rotate the pipes by clicking on them in order to connect the tap with the overflow pipe. Once you've…

In this free online fun puzzle game, you have to blast through colourful Ball Walls to clear a path …

Chain Reaction Effect
Clear the grid by crossing off the coloured symbols one by one. The black cross indicates your curre…

Rumble Ball
Score the most points you can by hitting colored items on the play field with a large ball. The ball…

Hit all pegs to complete the level, some require multiple hits. Use ARROW KEYS to rotate. Swing from…

Use your ARROW KEYS to guide your flashing box to the exit (red box) and use the blocks to stop your…

A kinda difficult, but extremely addictive puzzle game which consists of a lot of trial and error. U…

Harry Potter: Galleon Game
In Harry Potter: Galleon Game you clear all the gems and coins from the screen by matching three or …

Use YOUR MOUSE to control and move the dot. Click the starting point and simply move your mouse to d…

Unfolding Puzzle
Your aim is to unfold all the lines so none of them overlap another. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag blue dot…

Smashing, Over 50 levels of brick smashing action with loads of bonuses and amazing upgrades!! Play …

Yellow Out
Move vehicles out of the way to make a way out for the yellow car.

Mega Puzzle
Use the blank space to move the tiles around until you get the picture correct.

A really difficult jigsaw puzzle of beads.

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