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Gibbets 2 Game info
Gibbets 2
11594 plays
Date added: Unknown
Description: The sequel to the popular Gibbets flash game is finally here. This game is a skill bow and arrow shooting game that uses great physics. Use your bow and arrow to save the people from being hung. Aim your arrow at the rope above their heads, in order to cut it and free them from death. Be careful though, because if you miss and hit them, it could end up killing them. Also, each person hanging only has so much time before they will die, so be fast with your bow and arrow aiming. Lastly, you only get so many arrows to shoot, so shoot them with accuracy or you will have to start the Gibbets level over.
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    jassofallout (3907) - 2015-08-10, 09:06
    This is a very fun game for its style! I always aim to get a great score so these timed games require accuracy AND precision! Good luck and have fun!

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