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Infectonator World Dominator 2 Game info
Infectonator World Dominator 2
2093 plays
Date added: 2013-03-12
Description: The sequel to the infamous Infectonator is finally here! Years after the initial release, Infectonator 2 will have you addicted at first play...guaranteed! You need to infect the world with your deadly virus that turns humans into blood thirsty zombies! Unlock unique support weapons that inflict incredible damage and heros — like Jason, Kim jong Ill, Michael Jackson, and tons of other hilarious characters. Travel from Tokyo all the way to Buenos Aires as you try to rid the world of human civilization. Upgrade your virus and inflict maximum damage on towns, cities, and metropolis' — good luck beating this game, it'll take you hours! Playing it for 5 mins will have you addicted. I warned you :)
Instructions: Virally infect cities and towns with your deadly virus and turn peoplpe into zombies! Use the mouse to spread your infection and use a combination of support and muscle to combat the police, FBI, and other secret agents! Use hotkeys 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 to quickly summon your deadly arsenal.

Upgrade your infection as you plague the earth with your disease. Complete each objective to maximize your bonuses and unlock hundreds of epic achievements. These will help you take out ferocious characters like Justin Beiber, Michael Jackson, and Kim Jong Ill!

Travel from China to the United States on a single mission, to infect the entire human race!

Collect money by hovering over the coins and unlocking achievements specified before each level.

Use special weapons, support, and heros by upgrading and unlocking after you complete certain regions of the world.

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    BlitzGamer (1009) - 2013-03-14, 17:32

    You have been warned. You will get hooked playing infectonator 2!!

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